How to watch Golden Globe nominees streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and more

How to watch Golden Globe nominees streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and more

Time is running out for those looking for where to watch the Golden Globe nominees. Yes, the big show is coming up on February 28, so a lot of folks may be scrambling to find out how to watch the Golden Globe nominated films and TV shows, so they have a better chance at winning their respective prediction pools.

The good news is that unlike in previous years, when cinemas were open, you can watch the vast majority of the nominees with some of the best streaming services, which you may already pay for. Of course, some of the most talked about films are only available elsewhere, though. Including one that's on a service you may never heard of.

And at the end of the day, this is great for audiences and films alike. While we wish that the 9 that are on video on demand (where you pay to buy or rent) were on services such as Netflix or Hulu, the fact that so many of these films can be watched from your couch is victory enough.

Also, we're breaking the films down in two ways: quick cheat sheets on where to watch the best picture nominees, and breakdowns of what movies and shows are on the major services.

This is why the king stays on top of the throne. Netflix is the big trophy collector this year, hosting 18 shows and movies up for nominations. And while it didn't create Schitt's Creek, the service helped the comedy series gain notoriety by giving it a much bigger platform.

Prime Video's got an interesting set of nominees, including Hunters, a series starring Al Pacino as the leader of a Nazi hunters looking to stop a resurgence in 1977. While Borat 2 got a lot of headlines, Sound of Metal was one of our favorite movies of 2020. It's about a drummer (Riz Ahmed) who loses his hearing, and Ahmed's performance makes this movie a must-see.

While On The Rocks may be a bit slow, and Wolfwalkers might not be everybody's cup of tea, you need to watch Ted Lasso now. Arguably the best TV show of 2020, it stars Jason Sudeikis as the titular coach, and he better win the best actor award he's nominated for.

Disney Plus' 2020 plan seemed to be "quality over quantity," and that shows here. Hamilton and The Mandalorian were the big hits that the service needed, and have a chance of pulling in some Golden Globes.

HBO Max's plan to win subscriptions and awards — release major motion pictures online without making you pay extra — is shown off with these nominees. The recently released Judas and The Black Messiah is excellent, and Daniel Kaluuya earned his nomination for best supporting actor in a motion picture. Lakeith Stanfield should have also been nominated for his work in the movie, if you ask us. 

Palm Springs was the big hit of the year for Hulu. It's basically a modern Groundhog Day, but this time both Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti's characters are stuck in the looping day. The other must-watch is Normal People, just make sure you have some kleenex near by for the emotions.

The Shudder Original film La Llorona brings a frightening Latin American fable — where a ghost haunts the areas where her children drowned — to the TV. 

Showtime's pair of nominees pack a lot of star power. The Good Lord Bird stars Ethan Hawke and Daveed Diggs, while The Comey Rule stars Holly Hunter, Jeff Daniels and Brendan Gleeson.

You'll need to look up these movies for rental or purchase on Amazon, Apple/iTunes, Google Play and other services.